How to build a lasting legacy

John Betz & Son was started at the end of the second world war by John Betz the third. He started under the name "Betz Decorating" with his half brother Ed Brill. You may remember that name, as he was partner in building the Adelphi Shoping Center, Francis Scott Key Mall, as well as many custom homes in the area. In the 80's the name was changed to "John Betz and Son. Many years ago the "Son" part of the name took over, and has run the company with integrity and professionalism ever since.

We realize here at BETZ Home Improvement that there are many home improvement contractors in the Maryland area. What sets us apart from such a large group? We are glad you asked.

What sets us apart from the rest?

John Betz and Son is built upon one defining foundation. We are here to serve you. That sounds like a basic sales line, so we understand that it might seem unimpressive standing by itself, but once you work with us you will know what it means. It's not just that we want to make you happy, that happens as a byproduct. No, what we are talking about is the feeling of safety you feel when you work with somone you know has your best on their mind.

It's in the little things - knowing which way a bathroom door should swing to maximize ease of use. Or where the best place is to put the recessed lights in your kitchen so there are no annoying shadows as you work on your countertop. It's these little things that 63 years of service have taught us to supply you, and we do it all with a happy smile.

We are here to serve you, in any way we can, making your life easier as we do.
Give us a call today to see how working with us will make your life easier.

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